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Cataract Surgery

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If you think you are ready for cataract surgery, we will give you an honest assessment of your need for surgery and your options at the time of surgery.


Cataracts affect everyone as they age and most people at some point in their life will need cataract surgery. Therefore, cataracts and the need for surgery is very common. However, not everyone that has a cataract needs to have cataract surgery, and not everyone that has cataract surgery needs to have a specialty lens implant. Our goal is to help navigate you through these intimidating choices and decide what options are best for you.

The lens in your eye is what becomes a cataract. A cataract is a clouding of the lens. The lens is about the same size as a large aspirin tablet. It is positioned just behind the iris (the central colored part of the eye). Some people say that as a cataract forms their vision blurs and it is like looking through smoke, or waxed paper. Cataracts are usually caused by the aging process but can also be caused by eye trauma, heredity, diabetes, and even some medications. Cataracts cause blurred or fuzzy vision and sensitivity to light because of glare. Visually significant cataract formation occurs at different rates and can affect one or both of your eyes at the same time.

Fortunately, when a cataract is visually significant, and a patient is ready for surgery, most cataracts can be safely removed with out-patient surgery. When a cataract is removed, we also replace the cataract with an artificial lens implant inside the eye. Cataract surgery should be thought about when your vision interferes with your daily functions, and more conservative approaches, such as new glasses have not worked. However, everyone’s visual needs and visual thresholds from cataracts can be slightly different.

You are in good hands….