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We are proud to now offer Telemedicine services through Solution Reach.
We believe this is necessary to meet our patients’ needs especially in the era of coronavirus.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a very useful technology, but we want our patient’s to understand that it has limitations. As most of you know, when you have an exam in our office, we use a lot of testing equipment to evaluate your eyes. With telemedicine that equipment is not available. There is no exam lane vision testing, pressure testing, slit lamp microscope exam, visual field exam, or advanced diagnostic tests with telemedicine.

So when is telemedicine useful?

We think it is useful for existing patients that have eye emergencies, but cannot come into our office, a screening tool for new patients prior to an in person visit, or for a pre-op visit prior to a scheduled surgery.

What will the steps of my telemedicine visit be?

  • If you request a telemedicine consultation or we schedule one for you, we will confirm with you that it is okay to bill you or your insurance for the visit.
  • Around the time of your scheduled visit you will receive a text message from our office to your phone. It will be a telemedicine URL, and it will just be a variety of numbers and letters. Please click on this text and it will take you into the solution reach telemedicine app.
  • The video is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.
  • The device needs to have a camera, microphone, and speaker/headphones. Most cellphones, tablets, and computers meet these requirements.
  • Unfortunately, telehealth URLs can only be sent through text message and not through email at this time.