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We are all about your vision

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Honest, Caring, and technology advanced eye care

Cataract Surgery

If you think you are ready for cataract surgery, we will give you an honest assessment of your need for surgery and your options at the time of surgery.

Refractive Surgery

Many eye diseases do not cause symptoms until the disease has done damage. Since most blindness is preventable if diagnosed and treated early, regular medical eye examinations by an Eye M.D. are very important.

Corneal Surgery

A number of tests and measurements are done prior to surgery and some time needs to be spent in consultation with the surgeon to decide which particular implant is best for you.

Ocuplastic Surgery

Excessive upper eyelid skin folds (dermatochalasis), droopy eyelids (ptosis), and a sagging brow (brow ptosis) can all limit your vision.

Comprehensive Eyecare

From emergencies to annual examinations, we have the experience and knowledge to handle all of your eyecare needs..

Optical Shop

Our goal is to offer you the best quality and value that is respectful of your needs and is focused on you.

You are in good hands....